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Gypsy Death Star

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Gypsy Death Star is the collaborative vision of producer Cesar Augusto (Earth Delivery, Om Records, Modern Beat Digital Records) and singer/song writer Wyatt Hull (The Colour, Cheetahsaurus). Based out of Ventura, CA, GDS has been compared to artists like Muse, Radiohead, and Brian Eno. Drawing on inspiration from an array of musical artists including Portishead, CocoRosie, Syd Barrett, and the Pixies, GDS has created an original sound that has never been heard before. The hypnotic electronic beats and enchanting vocals of this electronic/indie rock album deliver a one-of-a-kind sound that evokes the deepest parts of your inner psyche. Chris Matrovito of the VC Reporter describes GDS as “emotive, howling vocals [with a] down tempo electronic pulse…focusing sound into a concentrated beam of trance-inducing energy from the dark side of ambient techno and post punk/new wave.”

2010 proved to be a productive year for GDS. In addition to the debut album release and shows in Ventura County, CA, COMUNE Clothing has featured songs from the album in two of their promotional videos: Heavenly Asylum has been featured in their Drop City, Experiments in Occultism and Parapsychology official art exhibition and installation launch video invite; and Throwing Hail Marys has been featured in the second teaser Motel Jezebel for the avant-garde snowboarding film Black Holes and Invisible Forces Bending Time Through Particle Deformations Creating Infinite Freedom in the Garden on the Moon. Wax and Wane (Warrior Mix) as well as Heavenly Asylum have also received radio play on

Gypsy Death Star by earthdelivery