ballade de johnny-jane ジョニーとジェーンのバラード

洋楽の紹介! johnny:rock,singer-songwriter,folk, acoustic,electronic jane: female vocalists

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released 14 April 2011
Photo by Stephanie Lyall

glisk: ‘Servants Heart’(self) Review
Being in a band is hard. You’ve got the weight of history to contend with. The pressure of being preceded by multiple decades of music made by other people. The endless possibilities technology offers you to authentically imitate those people. You can even imitate dead people if you really want to. Or crap people, if you really really want to.

Glisk know this. All of this. And they know that once you’ve conquered and crushed the mountain of digital authenticity, you then face the challenges presented by trying to promote a band that sounds like a cough, was thought up via online scrabble, and for some people is an acronym for ‘gays and lesbians into Stephen King’.

All of these things captivate you. Stimulate you. Manipulate you. But you should only really start worrying when you find yourself inaccurately quoting Melissa Etheridge without realising you were doing so. But really, if you’re the band that has released servants heart (and they ARE the lower case stars here), you’ve got enough smooth drummy tones and swishy pithy synths to outlast even the most Swedish of Balearic imitators. So why worry? You certainly aren’t going to let your outlandish command of inappropriate, clunky adjectives get in the way of getting paid cash money, are you? Or the fact that you realised (too late) that if you include an apostrophe in your EP title you might get mistaken for descendants/fans/disciples of Creed. Which you don’t mind, sure. But only because you and Creed love your own bands so much that you’re both willing to get the kind of chafing you can only get from going swimming in caves wearing leather pants in order to stand on a mountain, miming. It would be worse than all of this, however, if anyone thought you were insincere. These sounds are straight out of the power jungle, and the power jungle is life.

Mike Radz