ballade de johnny-jane ジョニーとジェーンのバラード

洋楽の紹介! johnny:rock,singer-songwriter,folk, acoustic,electronic jane: female vocalists

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Category :  johnny (rock,ambient etc...)
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1.Everything is One 00:57
2.Tape 04:31
3.Light Leave Me 06:43
4.Weightless 02:26
5.Amber 04:51
6.Forward Life 06:33
7.Play 01:22
8.To Live in Your Pocket 03:12
9.You Don't Know 03:00
10.Shape Up 04:35
11.Bell Tap 04:12

Jewellers Page here
Sleep Education
released 05 March 2011
Artwork by Dean Howe /
Produced by Gareth Leaman and Gareth Young


Dean Howe Page
Artists Statement

Photography and the artist's bookwork are
tools for exploring philosophy and art theory.
The indexical sign, ontology of photography
and phenomena of perception are a few of the
areas encountered through integrating theory
and practice.
I am inspired by, amongst many others, the
work of; herman de vries, Thomas Ruff, Erwin
Wurm, Jeff Wall, Paul Graham and Dalziel and
Scullion. I am only just begining to scratch
the surface of the writings of Mealeau-Ponty,
Deleuze and Guattari and am exploring indepth
the collected essays included in Where is the
Photograph? including Peter Osbourne, Laura
Mulvey, David Green and Joanna Lowry, Peter
Shiff, Steve Edwards, Pavel Buchler, David
Campany, Geoffrey Batchen and Olivier Richon.
In the near future I plan to continue
my studies to masters degree level.

Curriculum Vitae

2010 Graduating Ba Hons Fine Art
University of Plymouth UK.

2007 Work placement Ping Magazine
Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan.

2006 International Scholarship
Bisen College of Art and Design
Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan.

2006 Work placement Designboom
Designers Mart 100%Design Festival Tokyo.

2005 Solo exhibition of sculpture
Marmalade Gallery Oxford, UK.

2004 Graduated Foundation Art & Design
St.Martins College of Art & Design London.

2003 Graduated A-levels in Fine Art
and Design and Technology.
Harrow School London.

Jewellers - Light Leave Me from Jewellers on Vimeo.