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ballade de johnny-jane Lykke Li Page here

Singled Out: Lykke Li's 'I Know Places' Page here
...when we talked with her about her favorite song off Wounded Rhymes, Lykke Li chose the record's most subdued track: "I Know Places."

Why did you choose "I Know Places" as your favorite song from Wounded Rhymes?
It's just a very simple song, but it's like, you know, should I change it? Or should I do something wild? Sometimes it's just right to keep it almost like a folk song or a blues song. Just go round and round ― like why change when you're in a good space?

It stands out from much of the rest of the album because it is so subtle and subdued. Do your songs generally start up that way and then build up in production?
All the songs we write on either piano or guitar originally. I wrote "I Know Places" because I had just bought an autoharp when I was in New York; it was the first song I wrote on that autoharp. I was so tired. I was in New York, and it was just so much noise. I just felt so out of place everywhere, so I wrote that song.

A lot of the songs on the album are more produced with heavy drums and synths. On "I Know Places," it's just keeping the song in that one space. Did you and producer Bjorn Yttling intend to keep that track more stripped down?
I played that song for him on the autoharp, and our plan was always to keep that. We saved that song for last ― we didn't even try to record it earlier, because we knew it was just going to be one take. Just me, Bjorn and a room mic. I did my own harmonies on it, and that was basically it. There's a lot of room ― just an amplifier and some reverb. We didn't do anything with that song, because it didn't need anything to be done.

Autoharp Wikipedia
The autoharp is a musical string instrument having a series of chord bars attached to dampers, which, when depressed, mute all the strings other than those that form the desired chord. Despite its name, the autoharp is not a harp at all, but a chorded zither.