ballade de johnny-jane ジョニーとジェーンのバラード

洋楽の紹介! johnny:rock,singer-songwriter,folk, acoustic,electronic jane: female vocalists

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Pitchfork Page here
Radiohead's eighth record, The King of Limbs, represents a marked attempt to create a considered and cohesive unit of music that nonetheless sits somewhere outside of the spectrum of their previous full-length discography. And that's not to say that it doesn't ripple with the dazzling sonics or scenery that have become the band's stock in trade, but just that, unlike so many of their milestones, there's no abiding sense of a band defying all expectations in order to establish new precedents.

Toronto Sun Page here
Is it worth the bucks? Hard to tell at first. It's not a game-changer a la Kid A. It's not even as accessible as Rainbows (and that's using the term loosely). It's understated and introspective. There are no big anthems, no singalong choruses -- virtually no choruses at all, in fact, just layers of skittery rhythms, dreamscape sonics and atmospheric vocals. The lyrics are preoccupied with nature -- lotus flowers, magpies, fish out of water and whatnot -- in contrast to the music's unnatural chill. Coupled with the title -- which refers to a 1,000-year-old tree in Britain -- it suggests a man-vs-nature theme.