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The Big Three Killed My Baby Wikipedia
"The Big Three Killed My Baby" is the third track on The White Stripes, the eponymous debut of the Detroit-based American garage rock band The White Stripes. It was released in March 1999 as a 7" single, the first from the album. A live recording of the song is featured on Under Blackpool Lights; the band's first official DVD release. The single is backed with "Red Bowling Ball Ruth".
"The Big Three" refers to the three major automakers in the 1950s and 1960s: Ford, Chrysler and General Motors. The song is an attack on these companies, relating to the fall of labor unions in the 1960s.[citation needed] Jack White has stated in interviews that he does not believe music to be a viable medium for political messages and until the 2007 release of "Icky Thump" (which criticizes American immigration policy) it was the White Stripes' only political song of note. The song mentions "Tucker's blood", a reference to Preston Tucker's ill-fated Tucker Torpedo. More recently, The White Stripes have performed the song live with alternate lyrics referring to the Iraq War: "Bush's hands are turning red... and I found out your baby is dead."
The photo that the band is standing in front of on the single's cover has a note on it, which reads "Insert your money here".


The Big Three Killed My Baby
Jack: "I'm pretty fed up with cars; don't know what you call it when Buddhist monks whip themselves, but I have that on my hand, I have three hose clamps on my hand, for the Big Three. And somebody just made me a necklace with a piece off a piece of machinery that says 'Property of Ford Motor Company.' I have a big hatred for that, for having spent so much money and time on something that hasn't changed in over a hundred years, same design of the engine in a car, it's not progressing at all. That's why I say, 'Don't let them tell you the future's electric/Because gasoline's not measured in metric.' The idea that they won't make any money if they make a good car. Kind of a shame. That's where we're from, that's what this whole town is about. Everybody works for the car company, and that's what I do, I work on commercials filming for the car companies. And it's a tremendous waste of money."

Jack: "I just can't stand cars. I think they are the worst money pits and killing machines of all time. Every car I've ever had has broken down, like, every week (points to 2 rings and bracelet). These are hose clamps from a car engine. I wear them as a symbol. I wanted to organize an anti-automotive festival in Detroit, but it never came together. It's such a farce. The companies are so tied in with the oil companies. For God's sake, we have wars over the oil to put gas in our cars."
jack: "Everybody, all they do is spend all their money on the car companies," he said. "It seems to be this thing that everybody just accepts, like that's the way it's gonna be, and nobody complains about it. I don't understand it." Jack: "The funny thing about that song is that we played that on a local public television channel here in Detroit a few months ago and they asked us to play two other ones. In the end, they wouldn't air 'The Big Three Killed My Baby.' They were sponsored by Chrysler."

Jack: "Most of the time I don't care at all about [politics]. I never voted for president because I don't care for it. "The Big 3 Killed My Baby" [a song from an earlier album] hits home because of where we're from and how much I think the big three [auto companies] rip off everyone. It seems really funny to me that nobody cares. The car has been ruining my life at all times Interesting Fact: Michael Moore (Roger & Me, Bowling For Columbine) uses this song as the intro for many of his speaking engagements. Sidenote on this theme: The cover of The Big Three Killer My Baby single has Jack and Meg standing next to a picture of a car engine, with sign "Insert Money Here" taped to the engine.

The Big Three Killed My Baby (Live)

the big three killed my baby
no money in my hand again
the big three killed my baby
nobodys coming home again

their ideas make me wanna spit
a hundred dollars goes down the pit
thirty-thousand wheels a rollin
and my stick shift hands are swollen
everything involved is shady
the big three killed my baby yeah yeah yeah

the big three killed my baby
no money in my hand again
the big three killed my baby
nobodys comin home again

why dont cha take the day off and try to repair
a billion others don't seem to care
better ideas are stuck in the mud
the motor's runnin on tucker's blood
dont let 'em tell you the future's electric
cuz gasoline not measured in metric
thirty-thousand wheels a spinnin
and oil company faces are grinnin
and now my hand are turnin red
and i found out my baby is dead yeah yeah yeah

the big three killed my baby
no money in my hand again
the big three killed my baby
nobody's comin home again

well i've said it now
nothings changed
people are burnin for pocket change
and creative minds are lazy
and the big three killed my baby yeah yeah yeah
and my baby's my common sense
so dont feed me planned obsolescence
and my baby's my common sense

yeah im about to have another blow up