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Rainbow Arabia

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Rainbow Arabia is an electronic duo based in Los Angeles, California consisting of Future Pigeon and Whisky Biscuit keyboardist Danny Preston and wife Tiffany Preston. They perform a brand of dance music that contains elements of Arabic, North African and Asian fused with American avant-garde dance pop. They have released two EPs on Manimal Vinyl since forming in early 2008 The Basta (2008) and Kabukimono (2009). They have toured the US and Europe with Hecuba (band), Gang Gang Dance and played shows in Europe with Wavves and Mogwai (band). They cite the label Sublime Frequencies and Syrian singer Omar Souleyman as influences. Their latest EP Kabukimono has found critical acclaim on both sides of the Atlantic.(Wikipesia Rainbow Arabia)

Omar Souleyman ballade de johnny-jane Omar Souleyman here

The Basta EP (Manimal Vinyl 2008)
Kabukimono EP (Manimal Vinyl 2009)

normanrecords Kabukimono, by Rainbow Arabia (CD on Manimal Vinyl) here
Rainbow Arabia is a duo made up of real life couple and Gang Gang Dance members Danny and Tiffany Preston. 'Kabukimono' is the follow up to 'The Basta' and features five new tracks plus a couple of remixes from said debut. Primarily created using analogue synths and drum machines 'Kabukimono' is a total toe tapper with the key inspiration being exotic and eastern flavours. 'Haunted Hall' is well Bollywood sounding, most of the material reminds of Pit Er Pat with it's methodical use of drum programming and wirery guitar lines. Tiffany Preston's voice acts as a rhythmic aid in the vein of Ponytail's Molly Siegal or Yoshimi (OOIOO and Boredoms) where the significance of the lyric is outweighed by the delivery. Remixes come courtesy of Ghosts on Tape (Omar K) and Brenmar (who has a bash at Let them dance). Ghosts on Tape takes Omar K's banging synth line and works it over into a DAT Politics-esque electro mash-up and Brenmar cuts 'Let them Dance' into itsy bitsy piece with reckless abandon. 'Kabukimono' also features awesome artwork from Hideyuki Katsumata further enhances the colourful, lively nature of the music contained within.

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"OMAR K" Offical Music Video