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Robyn @ Music Hall Of Williamsburg (With Kelis) & P.C. Richards Theater, NYC 7/28 & 7/29/10
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Over the last two nights, I took distinct portraits of the artist. But then this is an artist with many incarnations and even more aesthetic angles. The line I constantly drop on Robyn is that she’s the increasingly rare pop star you can love without a trace of irony. But that doesn’t mean she’s not full of cheek (patiently prowling like a pugilist, peeling a banana to “Don’t Fucking Tell Me What To Do”) or chests of drawers (check the wardrobe changes both within the MHOW night and the formalwear for the next evening’s mini-set for iheartradio’s contest winners at the tiny P.C. Richards Theater on 6th Ave. in Tribeca). I live-tweeted the crap out of Wednesday’s show, not something I often do because I don’t like annoying people. But there wasn’t a choice: between the vigorous dance clinic to rearranged Robyn cuts and Body Talk’s visceral triumph (“Dancing On My Own” received the extended applause reserved for classic jams, presumably so everyone could clap off their goosebumps), she was at her most uninhibited, dancing creatively, ceaselessly, a two-drummer/two-keyboardist band at her back, full of thanks for our support in pulling off an unlikely mid-career transformation, from teenaged-pop sensation into the smart man’s pop projection. Robyn called Williamsburg her best crowd yet. With some basis for comparison, I’d agree.

"Dancing On My Own" (LIVE) at iheartradio