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The Happy Hollows

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lastfmlogo.jpg The Happy Hollows Biography
The Happy Hollows are a raucous three piece indie-rock band from Los Angeles that play fast and irreverent noise-pop. The group is fronted by Sarah Negahdari (vocals/guitar) and held together by the rhythm section of Charlie Mahoney (bass/vocals) and Chris Hernandez (drums/vocals). The L.A. Times has described their sound as a “pugilistic mix of stinging guitars, turbulent rhythms, and shouted vocals” that “alternates between childlike experimentation and ferocious firestorm.” The AllMusic guide wrote that the band’s “appeal is immediate” and the Rock Insider Blog has characterized their live show as “explosive”. Nylon Magazine described their sound as “lo-fi distortion” mixed with “Kim Deal-esque vocals and racing rhythms.”

The Happy Hollows write melodic and quirky songs with odd arrangements. Among other things, the subjects of their tunes include Vietnam flashbacks, palindromes, the colors of the rainbow, labyrinths, time travel, mythical animals, and Tarot cards.

The band has opened for Deerhoof, Silversun Pickups, Japandroids, Earlimart, Midnight Movies, The Mae Shi, and WHY? among others.

Spells (2009)

Pitchfork:album reviews The Happy Hollows Spells here
L.A. power trio the Happy Hollows trade in an amalgam of grimy, affectless post-punk and crunchy 90s alt rock; Elastica would be a better reference point were the Hollows less informed by the unhurried California cool of their homebase. Flecks of heavy stoner fuzz and wafts of breezy modern rock blow in and out of Spells, but at its core, it's a ripper. Most of the credit goes to Sarah Negahdari; she's a powerful but economical guitarist, jutting in and out of the tracks like a jagged saw. And her voice, while thin at times, commands attention on both the stompers and the serenades; she's equally adept at twisting around the pile of power chords that is "Silver" as the unsettling buzz and hum of "Turtle and Hare". With all the right angles and sharp left turns underpinning Negahdari's acrobatic vocals, Spells can feel downright Deerhoofy at times, and while Spells goes glam and grunge where Deerhoof would opt for space and skronk, there's a feeling that this music could literally go anywhere-- and that Negahdari could figure out something to sing over it no matter where it might roam.

Big Bad Wolf