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Superfly+profile.png Superfly Biography
Superfly is a Japanese duo consisting of the vocalist 越智志帆 (Ochi Shiho) and guitarist 多保孝一 (Tabo Koichi). As of 2008, only Ochi Shiho remains. Tabo Koichi left to focus on composing and arranging music.

Info about 越智志帆 (Ochi Shiho)
Date of Birth: 1984.02.25
Height: 151cm
Vocal Influences: Janis Joplin, Carole King, Maria Muldaur, The Rolling Stones

Info about 多保孝一 (Tabo Koichi)
Date of Birth: 1982.02.11
Favorite Music: 1970’s music

Extra info: Composer; has written more than 80 songs since he was 14 years old.

・「ハロー・ハロー」 - 2007.04.04
・「マニフェスト」 - 2007.08.01
・「愛と感謝」 - 2007.10.10 (Digital-Only Single―later appears on 愛をこめて花束を single as a b-side)
・「i spy i spy」 - 2007.11.28 (Superfly × JET)
・「愛をこめて花束を」 - 2008.02.27
・「Hi-Five」 - 2008.04.23
・「How Do I Survive?」 - 2008.09.10
・「My Best Of My Life」 - 2009.05.13
・「Alright!!」 - 2009.06.03 (Digital-Only Single)
・「恋する瞳は美しい/やさしい気持ちで」 - 2009.07.29
・「Dancing On The Fire」 - 2009.11.18

・「Superfly」 - 2008.05.14
・「Box Emotions」 - 2009.09.02

Wikipedia Superfly
Superfly is a Japanese rock act that debuted on April 4, 2007. Formerly a duo, the act now consists solely of lyricist and vocalist Shiho Ochi with former guitarist Koichi Tabo still credited as the group's composer and part time lyricist.

Ochi, who has a great admiration for Janis Joplin, was given the chance to travel to San Francisco in 2008 where she travelled through Haight-Ashbury and met up with Sam Andrew of Big Brother and the Holding Company as part of a documentary titled Following the Steps of Janis on Music On! TV. During the 2009 Heroes of Woodstock Tour for the tour's stop in Bethel, New York, the site of the original Woodstock Festival, Ochi sang "Down On Me" and "Piece of My Heart" with Big Brother and the Holding Company as a follow up to the previous documentary. Ochi also counts Carole King, Maria Muldaur, and The Rolling Stones as some of her other favorite artists.