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Owen Pallett

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Michael James Owen Pallett (born September 7, 1979) is a composer, violinist, and singer from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and winner of the inaugural Polaris Music Prize.
Pallett is best known as the principal member of the band Owen Pallett (formerly "Final Fantasy") which is essentially a solo project, although Leon Taheny is also credited as drummer and engineer. More recently, Pallett has toured with guitarist/percussionist Thomas Gill.
The name Final Fantasy was a tribute to the well-known video game series, of which Pallett is a fan. Pallett retired the name Final Fantasy with the release of Heartland.
Pallett has been noted for his live performances, wherein he plays the violin into a loop pedal, a technique also used by musicians such as Andrew Bird and Zoe Keating. Pallett uses Max/MSP to do multi-phonic looping, which sends his violin signal to amplifiers across the stage.(Wikipedia Owen Pallett)

Einstein Music Journal Page here
Owen Pallett - who once played as Final Fantasy, has released his first album under his own name. Heartland is a concept album about an ultra-violent farmer named Lewis living in the fictional world of Spectrum. It’s strikingly original, and an early contender for album of the year. Pallett has kept all the best elements of Final Fantasy (looped violin/string arrangements, great vocals), and added in richer layers of electronics and intricate percussion. With whimsical strings, many of the songs have the feeling of 1940s cinema, and it would seem easy to adapt this to film; at the heart of the album is an incredible story. Heartland is lyrically astonishing. Pallett has created a vivid world of true emotion with characters who struggle with their own identity. It explores themes of loyalty, religion, passion and understanding, and will have you hitting repeat to once again immerse yourself - Spectrum has place names, cultures, and medieval battles that you will long to explore. Above all, this is a world created by Pallett, a fact Lewis is aware of. On penultimate track ‘Tryst with Mephistopheles’, Lewis defeats Pallett, leaving himself exposed - “How will they decipher me?” Heartland is very rich and rewards repeated listens. It is an incredible album and works together as a whole musical piece, to be listened to in one sitting.

Final Fantasy - Lewis Takes Action