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Sun Kil Moon

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Sun Kil Moon is the project of singer-songwriter Mark Kozelek, best known for his previous band, Red House Painters. Sun Kil Moon sees Kozelek undertake the writing, composing, singing and guitar playing accompanied by Tim Mooney and Anthony Koutsos on drums, and Geoff Stanfield on bass.
The band is named after Korean lightweight boxer Sung-Kil Moon.
Sun Kil Moon's debut album, Ghosts of the Great Highway, first released in 2003 by Jetset Records, contains several songs concerned with true-life stories of deceased boxers, such as featherweight champion Salvador Sanchez, flyweight Pancho Villa, and also Duk Koo Kim.
Ghosts of the Great Highway was re-issued as a double CD on February 6, 2007 on Kozelek's own label, Caldo Verde. The second disc features six bonus tracks, including the cover of "Somewhere" written by Leonard Bernstein.
The band's follow-up Tiny Cities was released on November 1, 2005 on Kozelek's Caldo Verde Records. The album covers eleven songs by the indie/alternative group Modest Mouse.
Sun Kil Moon's third studio album is called April and was released April 1, 2008. It features guest vocals from Will Oldham and Ben Gibbard.(Wikipedia Sun Kil Moon)

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Ghosts of the Great Highway (2003)
Tiny Cities (2005)
Ghosts of the Great Highway 2CD re-issue (2007)
April (2008)
Tonight the Sky EP (2009)


Kozelek is known for covering songs from bands not normally associated to his genre of slow, introspective music. They are more than traditional covers, as they are extensively re-worked and re-interpreted to the point that they are often not recognizable to the originals, and take on a different meaning despite the lyrics remaining intact word-for-word. Kozelek’s 2000 solo debut Rock ‘n’ Roll Singer featured covers of songs by AC/DC and John Denver.

His solo 2001 follow-up, What’s Next to the Moon was an entire album of AC/DC songs done in his typically languid, hypnotically melancholy acoustic style. Even further back, Songs for a Blue Guitar, the 1996 Red House Painters album, featured covers of Yes’s Long Distance Runaround, Paul McCartney & Wings’s Silly Love Songs and The Cars’ “All Mixed Up”. Tiny Cities is very much in this tradition, taking the often frenetic, noisy songs of Modest Mouse and transforming them into haunting, acoustic guitar-dominated midtempo ballads filled with a deep-seated, haunting melancholy.( Sun Kil Moon Biography)

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