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Low Motion Disco

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Musically speaking, the content of the group's debut album is being compared to Lindstrom & Prins Thomas' work on Eskimo. But where the Norwegian space disco kings are boringly self-indulgent at times, Low Motion Disco keep everything placidly immediate. 'Intro,' for instance, is an obvious homage to The KLF’s seminal Chill Out, sheep noises and all, while 'Things Are Gonna Get Easier' is so lightheartedly MOR it wouldn’t sound out of place on Barbara Streisand & Barry Gibb's 1980 collaboration, Guilty. (That’s a good thing, by the way.) There are even hints of Cocteau Twins-like aerial guitar play on 'Love Knows Low,' which shows the duo’s varied influences and overall dedication to all things shoegaze. Only on 'People Come in Slowly' do LMD dare to increase―albeit very discreetly, mind you―the cadence, and this rare threat is the album’s stellar moment.

Considering the absence of one actual bona fide anthem and tracks that verge on the side of irritatingly lethargic ('The Low Murderer Is Out at Night'), Keep It Slow can’t really be considered the sub-sub-genre’s definitive album. In the meantime, Low Motion Disco’s pastoral noises, pulsating humming, dub-ish ambiences, and breezy samples should appeal to everyone that’d like their Hercules & Love Affair less flaming and their Pop Ambient more visceral.
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Low Motion Disco
"Things Are Gonna Get Easier"

The Five Stairsteps' "O-o-h Child" is an old song about future days. Low Motion Disco's red-cheeked edit, "Things Are Gonna Get Easier", is instead a perfect soundtrack for our idealized present, at a time when hope actually seems totally natural. Revisit your pre-election, bailout-weighted October headspace, however, and remind yourself how absolutely necessary this song was in 2008. It's such an easy high that you wonder if the sort of margarine-spread treatment that LMD employ couldn't be used on every classic soul song. Go ahead: spend winter 2009 dreaming on a 17-minute ambient version of "I Call It Pretty Music But the Old People Call It the Blues". --Andrew Gaerig

Things Are Gonna Get Easier