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Chris Cunningham

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Chris Cunningham is one of the most influential music video film director and video artist.He has been at the forefront of innovation and an inspiration for technological boundary-breaking world wide, even having so far only made a handful of music videos and shorts.
Cunningham first forged his relationship with Warp Records in 1995 with his debut promo “Second Bad Vibel” for Autechre, and since has directed a score of mind-bending videos for the likes of Squarepusher, Bjork, Madonna, Portishead and most memorably, Aphex Twin. MySpace
he creepily hilarious “Come to Daddy” (1997) YouTube and bootilicious “Windowlicker” (1999) Aphex videos have both been showered with accolades, but deemed too darkside for daytime MTV.

However, his delicate hand on Bjork's “All is Full of Love” (1999) sensual, milky robot promo won him the best breakthrough video MTV award and a Grammy nomination, as well as 4 silvers and the first ever Gold Award for a music video at the D&AD Awards.
In 2000, Cunningham created a video art installation “ flexYouTube for the Royal Academy of Art's Apocalypse exhibition. His next two short films with Warp Films, “Rubber Johnny” and “Spectral Musicians”are released on DVD in 2005.
Cunningham is finally turning his attention to feature films and is currently developing a feature length script with Warp Films. Warp Page

Director Filmography
"Second Bad Vilbel" (1996) video for Autechre
"Back With The Killer Again" (1996) video for The Auteurs
"Light Aircraft on Fire" (1996) video for The Auteurs
"36 Degrees" (1996) video for Placebo
"The Next Big Thing" (1997) video for Jesus Jones
"Come To Daddy" (1997) video for Aphex Twin
"Only You" (1998) video for Portishead
"Frozen" (1998) video for Madonna
"Come On My Selector" (1998) video for Squarepusher
"All Is Full of Love" (1999) video for Björk
"Windowlicker" (1999) video for Aphex Twin
"Afrika Shox" (1999) video for Leftfield and Afrika Bambaataa
"Mental Wealth" (1999) commercial for PlayStation
"Flex" (2000), using sounds created by Aphex Twin
"Monkey Drummer" (2001), using "Mt Saint Michel + Saint Michaels mount" from Aphex Twin's album Drukqs
"Rubber Johnny" (2005), using "Afx237 V7" from Aphex Twin's album Drukqs
"Sheena Is A Parasite" (2006), video for The Horrors
"Gucci Flora" (2009) commercial for Gucci Perfume
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Bjork 'All is full of love'

Chris Cunningham reel
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