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Hayley Sales

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Sunseed (2009)

hanley sales
About Hayley Sales by MySpace
Her major label debut, 'Sunseed' is entirely her vision, recorded primarily in her family's Glass Wing Studios. Sales wrote the songs, chose the musicians, contributes acoustic guitar, piano and vocals and is the record's sole producer. As a result, 'Sunseed' is no happy accident. In fact, according to Hayley, it was a lifetime in the making. "I was born in a Washington, D.C. ghetto," she explains, "in a Victorian hippie house my mom had lived in since she was a baby.

My father had a basement recording studio where everyone from Miles Davis to rap artists were coming in.

Those were the first few years of my life. I was raised with that music, with the beats and the melodies that vibrated the house - they were the soundtrack I danced and sang to."

"l remember first hearing Judy Garland when I was six. Something in me loved it right awayI trained myself to sing listening to her! As a kid, I listened to Judy Garland, '40's jazz, reggae and 60's music, until middle school, when I realized 'oh, there's modern music, too!' I've fallen in love deeply with lots of musical styles, and now they are all mixed in together into my own." You can hear the multi-generational influences merging together throughout Sunseed, ranging from reggae to jazz to rock.

"I respect Dave Matthews, Ben Harper and Jack Johnson so much for what they are doing," Sales enthuses, "for making music that is getting airplay while at the same time bringing the heart of music back into the music industry. That is what I hope to do."

"Music is an exchange of energies, and I love the exchange. It makes me feel good and inspires me to write music that I hope makes other people feel good."

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