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'Slowly Downward' Page

Stanley Donwood is the writer and artist.
For his Kid A related work, Donwood produced a series of fiery, mountainous landscapes and a series of images centered around a minotaur. Donwood cites Caspar David Friedrich and Hieronymus Bosch, as well as time spent in war museums and mountain landscapes, as influences in its bleak, post-apocalyptic style.
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In interview , he answered. "How did you hook up with Radiohead?"
"I think that my obsession with nuclear apocalypse, Ebola pandemics, global cataclysm and Radiohead's particular brand of unsettling melody have gone together quite well. How this came about I can no longer accurately recall, as I have children and bringing them up has rotted my brain."from

Some of the artwork was seen to take a more explicitly political stance than the album's lyrics.The red swimming pool on the spine of the CD case and on the disc represents what Donwood termed "a symbol of looming danger and shattered expectations". It came from the graphic novel Brought to Light by Alan Moore and Bill Sienkiewicz, in which the CIA measures its killings through state-sponsored terrorism by the equivalent number of 50-gallon swimming pools filled with human blood. This image haunted Donwood throughout the Kid A project.Early pressings of Kid A came with an extra booklet of artwork hidden under the CD tray. The booklet contained political references, including a demonic portrait of then-British Prime Minister Tony Blair surrounded by warnings of demagoguery. From Wikipedia Kid A
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