ballade de johnny-jane ジョニーとジェーンのバラード

洋楽の紹介! johnny:rock,singer-songwriter,folk, acoustic,electronic jane: female vocalists

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can_convert_20090217100936.jpg Can were an experimental rock band formed in West Germany in 1968. One of the most important krautrock groups, Can' incorporated strong minimalist and world music influences.
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Major artists working in the post-punk genre such as The Fall, Public Image Ltd., Siouxsie and the Banshees, At the Drive-In, The Mars Volta, Joy Division and other acts like David Bowie, Talking Heads, The Stone Roses and Primal Scream have cited Can as an influence. Brian Eno made a short film in tribute to Can, while John Frusciante of the Red Hot Chili Peppers appeared at the Echo Awards ceremony, at which Can were awarded the most prestigious music award in Germany,to pay tribute to guitarist Michael Karoli.

John Lydon, formerly of the Sex Pistols, formed Public Image Limited patterned after Can's early 1970s five-member lineup. Lydon was mooted as a possible singer for the band, but initial conversations amounted to nothing, much to Can addict Jah Wobble's (Public Image Ltd.) dismay (though he went on to many collaborations with the constituent members of Can himself). During their Kid A tour, Radiohead performed a cover of the song "Thief" from Delay 1968 , and have claimed Can as an influence. Mark E. Smith of The Fall pays tribute to Damo Suzuki with the track "I Am Damo Suzuki" on the 1985 album 'This Nation's Saving Grace'. The Jesus and Mary Chain used to cover "Mushroom" live in the mid-1980s. The Flaming Lips wrote their song "Take Meta Mars" off their 'In a Priest Driven Ambulance'(4th album) after hearing "Mushroom" just once. The songs bear great resemblance.

Mother Sky (Soundtracks 1970 Krautrock classic)