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Wildbirds & Peacedrums is an experimental band from Sweden consisting of two members, Mariam Wallentin and her husband Andreas Werliin.(Wikipedia Wildbirds & Peacedrums)

The band formed in 2006 when the members met while studying musical improvisation at the University of Gothenburg. The music mostly consists of only drums, various percussion and electronic samples, played by Andreas Werliin, and Mariam Wallentin's vocals. Mariam Wallentin also plays strings and Andreas Werliin provides additional vocals. Their musical experimentation has been compared with Björk.
The band released their first album Heartcore in 2007, and were awarded with Årets Jazz i Sverige, Swedish Jazz Act of the Year, and this gave them finances for the recording of their second album The Snake which came out in 2008.
The band got critical acclaim after their first album, and in the summer of 2008 they had their first USA-tour and played at several festivals in Europe. They have also been support for acts such as Deerhoof, Efterklang and Bonnie 'Prince' Billy.

Heartcore (2007)
The Snake (2008)

It's easy to think that music made by relatively few people, with relatively familiar instruments, should fall under the canopy of "folk": uncluttered, transparent, linked to past traditions. Wildbirds and Peacedrums-- husband-and-wife Swedes Andreas Werliin and Mariam Wallentin-- compose most of their debut, Heartcore, with Werliin's compact drum work and Wallentin's orbital, precise vocals; there is an arc to their work that imbues it with the austerity and heartiness (no pun) of folk music. Despite its simple ingredients, Heartcore is neither native nor instinctual. "Primal" or "sparse" miss the point, too; Heartcore, instead, is cleverly orchestrated pop music preternaturally reliant on the skills of its performers: Both Werliin and Wallentin were music school dropouts, and their technically sound playing disguises the complexity and range of Heartcore's material.

Pitchfork:album review Heartcore here

The album Heartcore strangely resembles is Nina Simone's In Concert; where Simone used tactful playing and sly phrasing to redress Gershwin or a song about pirates, W&P build murder ballads with tinny, metronomic percussion and tense rock'n'roll with handclaps and double-tracked wails. Other instruments-- electric piano, rippling guitar, moony organ-- are in the mix as ornamentation: Only the drums are allowed to roll downhill. Wallentin mimics Simone's deep, mannish voice and almost asexual engagement with her material but oversell/rhetoric aside she rightfully garners comparisons to Björk's bluster or Joanna Newsom's clench. (Another contemporary: The first line in "Bird" is actually "I am a bird now.") Wallentin's legit pipes carry Heartcore's swirling, clackety uptempo numbers: "Doubt/Hope", "The Way Things Go", and "The Ones That Should Save Me Get Me Down" rely on little more than Werliin's tethered kitwork. Doubt is a theme whenever the lyrics seem autobiographical, to the point where "The Way Things Go" serves as proper self-help: "I neeeeeed/ To love myseeeeelf/ More."

Pitchfork:album review The Snake here

It's only been a year since Wildbirds & Peacedrums released their debut album, Heartcore, and were praised for their application of deceptively simple techniques to create highly complex and agile pop music. The Swedish duo, comprising vocalist Mariam Wallentin and her husband, percussionist Andreas Werliin, have taken this unadorned method to a remarkable level on their follow up album, The Snake. Heartcore may have shone with clarity and technical artfulness, but in the passing year Wildbirds & Peacedrums have honed their skills to such a fine degree that their distinctive sound is now fully realized and acutely powerful.

My Heart

Wildbirds & Peacedrums don't half make a racket for a duo. It's a beautiful racket, but a racket nevertheless. And, speaking of beauty, here is the video for their upcoming sing;e 'My Heart' taken from their secon' record, The Snake.

At the moment the husband and wife combo are touring their native Sweden, before going onto other parts of Europe - including a show at The Union Chapel with Loney Dear - and then



Massive Attack

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official web site here


Massive Attack are a British music duo from Bristol, UK, widely considered to be progenitors of the genre known as trip hop, as well as effectively being a wider collective that includes various other musicians that they assemble. Originally, DJ's Grantley (Grant) Marshall (Daddy G), Andrew Vowles (Mushroom) and painter-turned-MC Robert Del Naja (3D) met as members of The Wild Bunch, one of the first sound system collectives in Britain and a dominant force in the early 1980s Bristolian club scene.[1] Starting out as a production trio in 1988, with their independently-released song, "Any Love", sung by falsetto-voiced singer-songwriter Carlton McCarthy,they later signed to Circa Records,in 1990.
Circa became a subsidiary of (and was later subsumed by) Virgin Records, which in turn was acquired by EMI..(Wikipedia Massive Attack)

Massive Attack to release EP and full album
Hip Online here
Legendary trip-hop duo Massive Attack have announced the release of their first new material in three years ? an EP of four new tracks due for release on October 6th from Virgin Records. The lead song “Splitting The Atom” features Robert Del Naja (3D), Grant Marshall (Daddy G) and Horace Andy, while TV On The Radio frontman Tunde Adebimpe guests on “Pray For Rain”. The EP also has remixes of two new tracks; “Psyche” featuring Martina Topley-Bird is given the re-rub by Van Rivers & The Subliminal Kid who have recently remixed Bat For Lashes and The Big Pink, while the Guy Garvey fronted “Bulletproof Love” is stripped back to a minimalist reworking by Christoff Berg, who alongside Van Rivers & The Subliminal Kid produced the Fever Ray eponymous album.

Massive Attack will release their much anticipated fifth studio album In February, 2010. This time around sees collaborations with Damon Albarn, Hope Sandoval, Martina Topley-Bird, Guy Garvey and Tunde Adebimpe.

Over the last three years Robert Del Naja has written and produced soundtracks for a number of films and documentaries, including ‘Trouble In The Water’, ’44 Inch Chest’, ‘In Prison My Whole Life’ and ‘Gamorra’, the latter for which he won the David Di Donatello Award for Best Song. Earlier this year, Massive Attack won the Outstanding Contribution to British Music Award at the Ivor Novello Awards. Massive Attack will headline this year’s Bestival on Friday, September 11th ahead of their first full UK tour in three years that begins on September 17th in London.


Main article: Massive Attack discography
Studio albums

Blue Lines (1991)
Protection (1994)
Mezzanine (1998)
100th Window (2003)
"LP5" (2010)

"LP5" speculation
Stephanie Dosen with Massive Attack live on Domplatte {Cathedral Square} Cologne, 2008.
Speculation surrounding the next album was addressed by D in a recent interview (at the Ivor Novello awards), where he mooted a release date of October 2009 for "LP5".
However, it appears only a single and free tracks will be released this year and "LP5"'s release date is to be put back yet again, for a fourth year of delay, now to the Spring 2010 window, to the frustration of some fans.
The line up of guest vocalists for the next album from Massive Attack (in addition to Horace Andy) are now thought to be:
Tunde Adebimpe of TV on the Radio
Damon Albarn (co-writer) of Blur, Gorillaz [as "2D"], Monkey: Journey To The West and a band that released an album entitled The Good, the Bad & The Queen
Guy Garvey (co-writer) of Elbow
Martina Topley-Bird
Hope Sandoval
Other vocalists who have recorded sessions during the era but are thought not to have made the cut are:[citation needed]
Jhelisa Anderson (also recorded unreleased material in 2002)
Stephanie Dosen
Yolanda Quarty of Phantom Limb
Aku and Akwetey Orraca-Tetteh of Dragons of Zynth
Elizabeth Fraser
Dot Allison
Debbie Clare
Mike Patton
Fredo Viola
Beth Orton

Backing tracks were sent to Alice Russell, Patti Smith and David Bowie respectively that did not develop further and past discussions also had with Tom Waits and Tricky respectively, in terms of being guest vocalists, have not, to date, worked out.
Some websites refer to Sia having worked with Massive in the past. Also, Mark Stewart announced in April 2009 that he would be collaborating with Massive Attack, but it is not thought that he has contributed vocally to "LP5".
The new track, "Splitting The Atom", is thought to serve as a preview of the new album.
Massive Attack are expected to officially announce details of "LP5" itself, later in the year, and are confident of a February release, despite Virgin/EMI's usually long promotional lead-time requirement, it still not having been yet final-mixed or mastered and a major tour looming, during which, realistically, no studio work will take place.

Special Cases



Tegan and Sara

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Tegan and Sara are an indie rock/indie pop band consisting of Canadian, identical twins Tegan Rain Quin and Sara Kiersten Quin (born September 19, 1980).(Wikipedia Tegan and Sara)

Under Feet Like Ours (1999)
This Business of Art (2000)
If It Was You (2002)
So Jealous (2004)
The Con (2007)
Sainthood (2009)

Pitchfork news here
Tegan and Sara Announce New LP, Tour Dates
Pop rocking Canadian twins Tegan and Sara are all set to drop their sixth album, Sainthood, on October 27, according to a post on their website. (That's the zebra-style cover right there.) There's a tracklist and even some initial tour dates after the jump for those interested in that sort of thing:
official web site here

the album will be released on Oct 27.

So Jealous



Jack White

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The White Stripes MySpace
ballade de johnny-jane here


Jack White (born John Anthony Gillis; July 9, 1975), often credited as Jack White III,is an American musician, record producer and occasional actor, best known as the guitarist and lead vocalist for The White Stripes.
During the 1990s, White was a part-time musician in various underground bands in Detroit, while working by day as an upholsterer. White formed The White Stripes in 1997 with his now ex-wife Meg White. The band went on to have a string of critically acclaimed albums, with their third, White Blood Cells, catapulting them to international stardom. He was ranked #17 on Rolling Stone's list of "The 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time".
White's popular and critical success with The White Stripes enabled him to collaborate as a solo artist with other renowned musicians, such as Beck, The Rolling Stones, Jeff Beck, Alicia Keys, Bob Dylan and Loretta Lynn, whose 2004 album Van Lear Rose he produced and performed on. In 2005, White became a founding member of the rock band The Raconteurs. In 2009, he became a founding member of his third group, The Dead Weather.(Wikipedia Jack White)

solo career
White will be releasing his first solo single, "Fly Farm Blues" (which was written and recorded on the spot in ten minutes while filming "It Might Get Loud"), later in August 2009. The single went on sale as a 7-inch vinyl record from Third Man Records and as a digital single]available through iTunes on August 11.
In 2008, he collaborated with Alicia Keys on the song "Another Way to Die", the theme song for the James Bond film Quantum of Solace.
In 2009 Jack White was featured in "It Might Get Loud", a film in which he, Jimmy Page, and The Edge come together to discuss the electric guitar and each artists' unique playing methods.

Fly Farm Blues


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Underworld is an English electronic group, and principal name under which duo Karl Hyde and Rick Smith have recorded together since 1980. The band is perhaps best known for "Born Slippy .NUXX", a track made popular in the hit 1996 Danny Boyle film Trainspotting.(Wikipedia Underworld)

Oblivion with Bells
Oblivion with Bells is the seventh studio album from Underworld, released on October 3, 2007, in Japan, October 15, 2007, in the EU, and October 16, 2007, in the USA. Due to the success of lead single "Crocodile" and the use of "To Heal" as a central theme in the film Sunshine, Oblivion With Bells has sold over 93,000 copies worldwide, as of May 23, 2008.

Oblivion With Bells

The first single from the new album, "Crocodile", was released on September 5, 2007.
U2's drummer Larry Mullen Jr helped out on the track Boy, Boy, Boy.

1. Crocodile
2. Beautiful Burnout
3. Holding The Moth
4. To Heal
5. Ring Road
6. Glam Bucket
7. Boy, Boy, Boy
8. Cuddle BUnny vs. The Celtic Villages
9. Faxed Invitation
10. Good Morning Cockerel
11. Best Mamgu Ever
12.Loads of Birds (bonus track)





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Glasser is Cameron Mesirow (vocals) & Matt Popieluch.
Glasser’s soft, thuddy percussion driven meditations and rich layered vocals are the perfect springboard for any inner journeys of the mind you are planning to take.

Powerstrip Circus here
Sunday night after band practice I que’d my Stereogum playlist of their generous and awesome free mp3 download section. I skipped through a few until GLAD, a song off Glasser’s EP came on. I twirled the volume up and it was an immediate repeat over and over. I was addicted. I’m still banging my head against the wall that I missed her show at Zebulon in Williamsburg a fews days later. Cameron Mesirow uses her voice as the lead instrument with so much soul and beauty that I’m going to have to add her 12″ to my small but personal vinyl collection. Too bad I’ll have to wait a few more days because her release is already out of stock at True Panther. Take a listen to the mp3’s and stand in line for a real copy. In the mean time if you can’t handle not hearing more, check out Glasser’s myspace for a remix by Chairlift.

01. Apply; 02. Glad; 03. Learn; 04. Apply (Tanlines remix); 05. Glad (Lucky Dragons remix); 06. Learn (John Talabot remix)





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official web site here

search ballade de johnny-jane here

tom outside house for site

Feed Me Weird Things (1996)
Hard Normal Daddy (1997)
Burningn'n Tree (1997)
Buzz Caner (1998) (as Chaos A.D.)
Music Is Rotted One Note (1998)
Budakhan Mindphone (1999)
Selection Sixteen (1999)
Go Plastic (2001)
Do You Know Squarepusher (2002)
Ultravisitor (2004)
Hello Everything (2006)
Just a Souvenir (2008)
Solo Electric Bass 1 (August 17, 2009)

New Album - Solo Electric Bass 1
info on


Squarepusher's new 'Solo Electric Bass 1' album is out now as a limited edition digipak CD and download. The recording was made in one take at a Squarepusher performance in Paris in 2007 - consisting of nothing more than Squarepusher on stage with a bass and a small amp.

Solo Electric Bass 1 is Jenkinson’s first entirely stripped down record. One electric bass, one amp, and nothing else. Recorded live at Cité De La Musique in Paris in 2007, this shows Squarepusher in a light that only a lucky few have experienced. This album is, in many ways, like nothing Jenkinson has ever released. Beautiful, sophisticated, understated and delicate, the music flows freely, smooth and melodic, at times rushing through notes like a lively torrent, at others snaking gracefully through peaceful valleys to create an evocative patchwork tainted with subtle touches of jazz fusion. The range of emotions conveyed by the music is much vaster than on pretty much any of Jenkinson’s previous work, daringly encompassing introversion and poetry in some of the finest moments of this album.(themilkfactory Page)

'Solo Electric Bass 1' Live Video



Ash Koley

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Ashley Michelle Koley (born February 20, 1984) is a Canadian alternative singer and songwriter.

Ash Koley and her sophisticated brand of quirky pop music have burst onto the Winnipeg scene like a supernova to become one of the brightest lights the industry has seen in ages.
Even as a pre-schooler, Ash felt destined to sing and began performing for family and friends in the living room of her Winnipeg home. Nothing unusual here - except for the astonishing voice and energy that was projecting from her tiny frame.
“I would play Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey songs over and over, trying to sing like them, and would always get so upset to the point of tears that I couldn’t…I should have realized that not a lot of other ten year olds could sing like that anyway!”
It was a hook-up with award-winning songwriter and producer Phil Deschambault that really got the ball rolling. Their “not-the-usual-pop” style clicked right away. Like a couple of crazed beatnik artists they started throwing influences like ABBA, The Cardigans, Imogen Heap, Madonna and Scissor Sisters onto their canvas, and, combined with the undeniable chemistry that already existed, their vision started to take shape.
A diabolical plan was hatched to break Ash globally - Glen Willows (fresh off a major label deal for Inward Eye with J Records (Clive Davis) and Sony/BMG worldwide) signed Ash to his management company and started circulating the rough demos in Canada, New York and L.A. Not surprisingly, they were courted by both American and European publishers.
Ash and Phil began collaborating with writers and producers from EMI and other publishing companies, including Junior Sanchez (Madonna, Shakira), Marc Costanza (LEN) and Robbie Roth (Disney).
The quirky but catchy hybrid of Phil’s no-rules approach to pop production and Ash’s velvety voice and emotional delivery is sure to be recognized as a breath of fresh air in the current music biz.
Still early in the game, Ash Koley’s future looks very bright!( Ash Koley's Biography)

Downtime Up



Juana Molina

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Juana Molina (born in 1962 in Buenos Aires, Argentina) is a singer-songwriter and an actress.
Following the military coup in Argentina of 1976, Molina's family fled the country and lived in exile in Paris for six years. She grew up in a musical environment and her tango-singing father taught her guitar from the age of five.
Juana Molina started her career in 1988 as a comedic television actress in Argentina on the show La Noticia Rebelde. She later starred in Juana y sus hermanas, a hit sketch show across the Spanish-speaking world, for which she remains better known in Latin America.
In 1996, she pursued singing and has released several albums since. The lyrics on her albums are sung in her native Rioplatense Spanish, except in "The Wrong Song," sung in English, from Segundo, and "Insensible," sung in French, from Tres Cosas, and often accompanied by acoustic guitar among other instruments. Her music features elements of ambient and electronica, and she is often compared by critics to Björk, Beth Orton, and Lisa Germano. She usually writes, mixes tracks and performs on her own. Her second album, Segundo, was named Best World Music Album 2003 in Entertainment Weekly and gained a Shortlist Award 2004 nomination. Tres Cosas was placed in the Top Ten Records of 2004 by the New York Times.(Wikipedia Juana Molina)

Rara (trans. "Weird (she)") - 1996
Segundo (trans. "Second") - 2000
Tres Cosas (trans. "Three Things") - 2002
Son (trans. both "They are" and "Tune") - 2006
Un Día (trans. "One day") - 2008

Un Día [Domino; 2008]

Pitchfork album review here
One senses Juana Molina finds sound every bit as captivating as songs and in fact, when not seamlessly conflating the two, may find the former more fascinating than the latter. On each of her beguiling albums, Molina has dissected and detailed the individual components of songs not just as rhythms or melodies or words, but as malleable sounds-- sounds that collide, connect, and complement one another. Her music is pop song as bricolage, the whole greater than the sum of its sometimes conventional, often unusual parts.

official web site here



The Jesus Lizard

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The Jesus Lizard is an alternative rock band formed in 1987 in Chicago, Illinois. After the breakup of the band's first incarnation, Scratch Acid, singer David Yow relocated from Texas to Chicago and teamed up with former Cargo Cult guitarist Duane Denison. Finding his abilities on bass guitar lacking, David Yow recruited ex-Scratch Acid bandmember David Wm. Sims for a new project. The band used a drum machine for their earliest recordings and performances before adding drummer Mac McNeilly after recording their first EP Pure.(Wikipedia The Jesus Lizard )

Sound and influence
The band took their name from a common nickname for the basilisk, a type of lizard that can run on water. While never finding much mainstream success, The Jesus Lizard have been called "a leading noise rock band in the American independent underground…[who] turned out a series of independent records filled with scathing, disembowelling, guitar-driven pseudo-industrial noise, all of which received positive reviews in underground music publications and heavy college-radio play."
Their music was a scathing mix of piercing guitar, machine-like drums, propulsive bass guitar, and psychotic vocals. Denison's stinging guitar often served more as texture or coloring than as a melody instrument, while the rhythm section's stops and starts were simultaneously precise and brutal. David Yow's frenzied, often incoherent vocals were unique, unlike anything past or present. David Sprague suggests that "Yow's disjointed couplets" are reminiscent of a "preacher speaking in tongues.

Reunion (2009–present)
The Jesus Lizard scheduled a number of shows in 2009 with their original line-up, including appearances at the Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago, and All Tomorrow's Parties music festivals in England, and New York including headlining show in London and on Pukkelpop in Belgium.
They are also headlining the Capitol Hill Block Party in Seattle on July 24, 2009.

Then Comes Dudley / Gladiator (The Jesus Lizard)



The Flaming Lips

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The Flaming Lips (formed in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma in 1983) are an American rock band.
The band is known for their lush, multi-layered, psychedelic arrangements, spacey lyrics and bizarre song and album titles (for example, "Psychiatric Explorations of the Fetus with Needles", "Free Radicals (A Hallucination of the Christmas Skeleton Pleading with a Suicide Bomber)" and "Yeah, I Know It's a Drag... But Wastin' Pigs Is Still Radical"). They are also acclaimed for their elaborate live shows, which feature costumes, balloons, puppets, video projections, complex stage light configurations, giant hands, large amounts of confetti, and frontman Wayne Coyne's signature man-sized plastic bubble, in which he traverses the audience. In 2002, Q magazine named The Flaming Lips one of the "50 Bands to See Before You Die".
The group recorded several albums and EPs on an indie label in the 1980s and early 1990s. After signing to Warner Brothers, they scored a hit in 1993 with "She Don't Use Jelly". Although it has been their only hit single in the U.S., the band has maintained critical respect and, to a lesser extent, commercial viability through albums such as 1999’s The Soft Bulletin (which was NME Magazine's Album of the Year) and 2002’s Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots. They have had more hit singles in the UK and Europe than in the U.S. In February of 2007, they were nominated for a BRIT Award in the "Best International Act" category. As of 2007 the group has collected three Grammy Awards, including two for Best Rock Instrumental Performance.(Wikipedia The Flaming Lips)

Wayne Coyne – lead vocals, guitar, keyboards, theremin, bass (1983-present)
Michael Ivins – bass, keyboards, backing vocals (1983-present)
Steven Drozd – guitar, drums, percussion, keyboards, bass, backing vocals (1991-present)
Kliph Scurlock - drums, percussion (2002-present)

Main Releases

Christmas On Mars 2008
At War With The Mystics 2006
LateNightTales 2005
The Day They Shot A Hole In The Jesus Egg... 2002
Finally The Punk Rockers Are Taking Acid 1983-88 2002
Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots 2002
The Soft Bulletin 1999
Songs Representing Enthusiasm for Recording by Amateurs 1998
Zaireeka 1997
Clouds Taste Metallic 1995
Transmissions From The Satellite Heart 1993
Hit To Death In The Future Head 1992
In A Priest Driven Ambulance 1990
Telepathic Surgery 1989
Oh My Gawd!!!...The Flaming Lips 1987
Hear It Is 1986


official website here
Listen to "See The Leaves" at!
Head over to to listen to the new song, "See The Leaves." There's also a tiny review of the song itself. Enjoy!
click in to here

Yeah Yeah Yeah Song (Letterman)

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Ghostly International Page
When listening to Denmark’s Choir of Young Believers, it’s hard not to imagine an army of white-clad singers with arms outstretched, their voices raised in holy polyphony―in fact, the Danish group is the brainchild of one 26-year-old Jannis Noya Makrigiannis. For years, Jannis moved in the underground circles of the Copenhagen indie scene. After the breakup of his old band in 2006, he moved to the Greek island of Samos and began developing his own solo material. Jannis returned to Copenhagen and, gathering musicians and friends around him, formed Choir of Young Believers, an orchestral-pop project marked by magisterial melodies, dark lyrical concerns, and a healthy dose of cathedral-grade reverb.

The songs on Choir of Young Believers’ debut album This Is for the White in Your Eyes mix modest folk arrangements with ambitious, grandiose indie pop, cooled with a stoic Nordic distance and glowing with an inner light. Musical nods to Roy Orbison, The Beach Boys, Pixies, and Hank Williams abound, but Jannis and his Choir Of Young Believers have forged their own neck-tinglingly singular sound. Live, the Choir takes many different shapes and sizes. Jannis often performs as a duo with a guitar or a piano and cello; other times, up to eight people fill the stage, playing everything from strings and horns to percussion and bells. The one constant is Jannis’ voice: clear, mournful, stretching to the heavens.

This Is For The White In Your Eyes(2008)

"Riot" and "Sharpen your Knife"




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Caitlin ‘Kinny’ Simpson is half Jamaican and half Native Indian and was born in Canada. She is a classically trained Opera singer, but her love for reggae and jazz always came first and touring with a reggae band resulted in her visiting Norway and deciding to live there. This is where she met Espen and beautiful music began! After the release of the album, Kinny became a regular visitor to the UK with gigs at The Big Chill, Cargo, Jazz Café, Concorde 2, Native, and across Europe. From these travels she hooked up with a variety of producers and started making some fine, fine music. Her track with TM Juke on his Forward album was a sign of things to come. Since then she has worked with Nostalgia 77, Hint, Diesler, Quantic as well as being asked to write lyrics and record for Massive Attack. From befriending and working with the musicians and producers around her, her songwriting and collaborations excel from the warmth and personality she puts into the music (along with a special talent) and she delivers some wonderful music.(MySpace Kinny)

Idle Forest Of Chit Chat
Label: Tru Thoughts
Country: Norway
Release Date: 2009.05.04

Kinny’s debut solo outing is an original, colourful and up-to-the-minute brand of modern soul, featuring the production talents of an impressive roster of guests ? including Quantic, Nostalgia 77 and Hint. Working with seven different producers on ‘Idle Forest Of Chit Chat’ has enabled Kinny to push the boundaries of her own exceptional talent and expose herself to various styles and ways of working ? from the tropical, live funk of The Quantic Soul Orchestra and Nostalgia 77’s deep modern jazz; through the catchy, soulful electronica of TM Juke and Souldrop; to Unforscene’s evocative soundscapes and a dose of lush, jazzy soul with a pop sensibility from Hint and Diesler. The result is an exciting melee of influences, all bound together by the unswerving class and charisma of Kinny’s persona.( Page)

Enough Said (feat Quantic Soul Orchestra)




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Ofrin official web site here

Temper and timelessness…

Young and beautiful Israeli singer Ofri Brin and her band Ofrin are about to find their way into yourears…their distinctive, loungy avantgarde pop is here to stay.

Watching Israeli singer Ofri on stage for the first time leaves you with that rare sensation of feeling that you have just witnessed something very special, precious and unique.
No wonder, as Ofrin comes with a sultry voice of velvet and music that is hard to categorize…some kind of avantgarde pop that easily combines nostalgia and modernism and simply makes everybody in the audience listen up and swoon.

25-year-old Ofri Brin, Ofrin’s singer, seems completely at ease and in her natural element when performing, exuding lots of energy und bewitching with her souly-jazzy and distinctive voice. She possesses qualities seldom found in pop music today: class,
grace and warmth, enveloping everybody in her presence, bending, shaking, twisting her endless long red curls up and dropping them once again, in time with the music. Her appearance - somewhere between fairy and temperamental beauty from another era - adds to the timeless quality of Ofrin’s music. But there is no arguing that it is today, here and now, that Ofrin is about to enter a career in pop, as it is Eddie Stevens, Moloko and Zero 7 keyboarder, who is about to produce Ofrin’s upcoming album.

But let’s start at the very beginning. Ofri Brin’s love affair with music started early, back in Israel, where she was picked after a strict series of auditioning to sing in a choir for the army. Ofri, self-trained and having no classical background,caught the attention of KD (Oded Kaydar), who played piano in the same band. When Ofri left Israel for a stint in the UK, they lost sight of each other, only to be reunited after KD visited Ofri in Brighton and musical sparks flew. Ofri packed her bags and joined her musical partner in crime in Berlin, where he had moved to study. Since 2005, the two have been writing songs and producing under the name of Ofrin, KD composing, Ofri writing the lyrics and performing. “KD is my perfect musical match,” Ofri says, “he uncovers sides of me that I never even knew existed,”
They gather a band of German musicians: Marco Bruckdorfer, Dirk Homuth, Sven Mühlbrandt and Susanne Ocklitz. The two Israelis love Berlin’s creative and free atmosphere and when working with their band stress the “family” aspect of Ofrin.

Their first album, “Rust and Velvet”, becomes an instant respectable success, the band tours through Europe, Israel and quickly finds a fan following. Their key to success - apart from their musical quality - are what they stand for - deep-rooted values and a strong belief in what they do is what triggers Ofrin and makes the band so authentic. Apart from Eddie Stevens, other music industry heavyweights become interested: Marc Chung, renowned German
music industry executive and formerly of bass player fame of legendary band “Einstürzende Neubauten” as well as PR strategist and networker Birgit-Linda Müller and last but not least manager Dominique Golbach in Berlin seem a guarantee for Ofrin’s success.( Ofrin's Biography)




Empire of the Sun

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Empire of the Sun is an Australian electronic music duo which formed in 2007.
The duo is currently composed of Luke Steele of The Sleepy Jackson and Nick Littlemore of Pnau.
The pair’s name comes from the 1984 novel of the same name by J. G. Ballard.
The duo achieved chart success with their first single "Walking on a Dream" which peaked at number ten on the Australian ARIA Singles Chart and reached number sixty four on the UK Singles Chart.
Their debut album also titled Walking on a Dream, released in October 2008, to date has been certified platinum in Australia and has spawned the top 25 hit "We Are the eople".
Recently Empire of the Sun has gained mainstream media attention for gaining fourth position on the BBC’s annual Sound of Music poll 2009.
They are currently signed to EMI Australia and Virgin UK.(Wikipedia Empire of the Sun)

The Sleepy Jackson MySpace

pnau MySpace
pnau official site

Walking on a Dream

The opening “Standing On The Shore” is misleading in that its relative bareness, although striking, leaves you unprepared for the rest. The title track “Walking On A Dream” creeps up on you with its retro 1980s feel before hooking you with a supremely addicting pop melody and chorus.

Subsequent tracks sound more dissimilar as the album progresses, but nonetheless maintain that Empire Of The Sun synth pop sound. Even the subdued (relatively speaking) “We Are The People” can’t stop the duo’s momentum as it shifts from a techno western “Country” to a celestial serenading “The World” to a hip-hop Justin Timberlake “SexyBack”-esque “Swordfish Hotkiss Night.”

By movie standards, Walking On A Dream feels short, having taken the briefest path possible to the other side of the universe. If you ask Steele, he’ll explain that it was beyond their control because “we really wanted to surrender to the higher calling, to the project as being the motivator.” That might sound creepy, but when you realize there’s a true method to their seeming madness you take comfort in knowing there’s repeat button.(Dorks & Losers Page)

We Are The People



Message To Bears

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Dead Pilot Records Page
Full length CD album from Jerome aka Message to Bears, Oxfords premiere ambient folker. Here he brings us 10 tracks of his gorgeous acoustic guitar driven melancholy, begining with the the aptly titled "Running Through Woodland", the track sets a menacing pace with layers of guitars and cellos. "Hidden Beneath" is driven by a stomping pulse and delightful percussion. Plenty of glock action and viola sweeps, uplifting choral vocals and delicate piano lines, this is Jerome at his finest yet, showcasing a brilliant melodic ability, combing classical instrumentation into a folk/pop structure taking cues from bands such as Explosions in the Sky. This is an album that will leave you speechless every time you listen as you uncover new hidden details, textures and melodies. I couldn't be prouder to release this.

500 copies on PRO REPLICATED CD (not CDR) housed in an arigato pak, with insert. Hand numbered, each with an individual old photography and all wrapped in brown paper, hand stamped and tied with string, which perfectly compliments the music.


This record left our Phil feeling ecstatic. Message To Bears I know sod all about. I remember hearing the last single and thought it was OK but I wasn't particularly taken by it. The new album Departures arrived early this week wrapped up in string and brown paper and I took it upon myself to check it out forthwith as it looked amazing. The 2nd time I heard it I was totally blown away. I had the whole goose pimple bumpy arm thing which I rarely get with new music these days. It's gorgeous acoustic guitar music punctuated by some neo classical beauty. There's some amazing tracks on here.. check out Pretend To Forget though you don't get to hear the strings come in which totally haunt you (the downside with 30 second clips...). It's a beautiful piece of music. Throughout the album there's moments of sheer delight as the guitar and classical instrumentation (albeit produced on a computer) work hand in hand perfectly. Some of the strings and chord progressions veer on the mardy side and remind me a bit of Max Richter at times. It's all very emotive and moving. One or 2 of the tracks sound a wee bit like Tunng with the clicky electronics and acoustic guitar situation. Parts of it remind me of the Harps Old Master album by Phelan Sheppard and I think if you're a fan of that particular thing of lovelyness you'll like this. It's a complete fucking delight if I'm honest and it comes with my complete recommendation. Absolutely fantastic and I implore you to check it out!!" - Norman Records (album of the week)

"Jerome Alexander's (aka Message To Bears) first mini-album got full marks here, and he's done it again on another limited-run, hand-crafted CD. Sparkling acoustic guitars weave around heart-stopping cellos and haunting ambient effects to give the audio equivalent of dew-drops on grass turning into jewels at sunrise. Simply stunning". - Mixmag Magazine

Message To Bears - Good Morning




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Official Web Site here


Balmorhea is a band from Austin, Texas formed in 2006 by Rob Lowe and Michael Muller. Balmorhea, pronounced Bal-moor-ay, list some of their influences as Ludovico Einaudi, The Six Parts Seven, Claude Debussy, Ludwig van Beethoven, Rachel's, Gillian Welch, Max Richter, Arvo Pärt and John Cage.
They self-released their first album, self-titled "Balmorhea", in April 2007, followed up with "Rivers Arms" in February 2008, and released a limited EP in the fall of 2008. The group recently released their 3rd full-length album, "All is Wild, All is Silent" on Western Vinyl Records. Balmorhea has toured the US three times and will soon begin their second European tour.(Wikipedia Balmorhea)

Rob Lowe – guitar, piano, melodica, banjo
Michael Muller – guitar, banjo, piano
Aisha Burns– violin
Nicole Kern – cello
Travis Chapman – double bass

Balmorhea (2007)
Rivers Arms (2008)
Tour EP (2008)
All Is Wild, All Is Silent (2009)

All Is Wild, All Is Silent

Pitchfork Album Reviews All Is Wild, All Is Silent here
"Settler"-- the multi-movement opener of Balmorhea's third album, All Is Wild, All Is Silent-- serves as much as a proclamation as it does a piece of music: A galloping piano line lifts high and wide, and strings push up from both sides. A razor-thin electric guitar and fleet drums add bulk from beneath just before the song's first half empties into silence, the piano notes scattering through the tape like fireworks across a dark sky. A finger-picked acoustic guitar returns, peaking from beneath the ashes before springing into big, open chords. This time, a larger, more emphatic ensemble joins, offering handclaps alongside a kickdrum and chanted harmonies around the rhythm. Balmorhea-- formerly so quiet and subtle, a duo plus guests-- suddenly feel like a large choir stomping and singing behind their minister's springtime revival.



Blank Blue

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Blank Blue is a Los Angeles based band that features DJ Nobody (Elvin Estela) and Niki Randa sounding like Os Mutantes with an 808 kick sample.
Their first released track is on the brand-new "From L.A. With Love" compilation and their very first show was at Low End Theory on 6/14/2007.

Prior to Blank Blue Deejay/producer DJ Nobody released two full length albums (Soul Mates and Pacific Drift) on San Francisco born Los Angeles based independent label Ubiquity Records. Currently the duo is working on their first full length "DJ Nobody Presents Blank Blue: Western Water Music Vol. 2" which is scheduled to come out on Ubiquity Records in the summer of 2008.
Nikki Randa and DJ Nobody met while working together in Long Beach at Fingerprints Records.
(Wikipedia Blank Blue)

Western Water Music Vol.II / Nobody Presents Blank Blue (2008)

Nobody MySpace here

interviews.jpg here
DJ Nobody Elvin Estela ,Niki Randa
How is the Blank Blue album a California album?
E: All of it―I think everything I do is very California. You know what I mean? How we live is how we listen. Stoned? I don’t know if stoned means necessarily high on pot all the time, but it’s a little murky, a little slow… that’s how music out here sounds. The world is not really mellow and slow now―that’s why people like New York―but soon they’ll come back to us.
N: There’s an underlying dark sentiment in music from California.
E: Subtly heavy.
N: Not necessarily dark―
E: Not gothy or satanic―it’s heavy-hearted. Singing with a heavy heart.

All The Shallow Deep




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Miss Líos

I am born in Barcelona of the hand of an actor and a scenographer. Fan of Madonna, I begin to play the electric guitar to the 14 years. A friend teaches me songs of Nirvana. At the 19 I enter in a band to play the guitar and indirectly I start to sing. We make versions of Pixies, Nirvana, Weezer and my topics sung in English. At the 21 I enter in the formation ÖRN in which I am 7 years. We take out a Maxi, we play for all Catalonia, we win competitions. Then I abandon the project and myself úno to producing Aureli Morata in a more personal project, Mürfila. We are lucky and Sony publishes us the first album, we will make pustule. I play for all Spain, in rooms and festivals, and teloneo to Fito & Fitipaldis in ten cities in their tour Him more far to your side.

I graduate in Address of Cinema in the school of Barcelona ESCAC. I direct several short in 16 mm and one in 35mm, "Postcards from the sea", rewarded Well Short for the I Deduced of Directors of Catalonia, in 2003. I direct several videoclips (Esther Formosa, Rebellious, Cloud…) and I produce mine. At the moment I prepare the second disk, of which one can listen the Hot topic.
Me chifla the salad of goat cheese, the spaqguettis to the lemon and the chocolate. I had liked to direct Moulin Rouge and interpreted Patricia's character Arquette in Love to quemarropa. I want to give the turn to the world playing. I am not blond and I measure a little.( Mürfila
Biography English translation by johnny)




DM Stith

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DM Stith Page
Asthmatic Kitty Records Page


David Michael Stith is a Singer/Songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who released his first CD 'Heavy Ghost' in 2009 on the Asthmatic Kitty label. He currently resides in Bloomington, Indiana.
David Stith comes from a musical family: his father is a college wind ensemble director and former church choir director; his grandfather is professor emeritus in the music department at Cornell University; his mother is a pianist; his sisters sing opera and play piano.
Stith is currently working on an MFA in Graphic Design at the Henry Radford Hope School of Fine Art at Indiana University. He continues to work in the field of graphic design, producing the artwork for his Heavy Ghost CD and other projects for Asthmatic Kitty.(Wikipedia DM Stith)

Ghostly background singing, oddball percussion and left field orchestral elements haunt this appropriately-titled effort by the eccentric Brooklynite best known for working with My Brightest Diamond/Shara Worden. On his debut for Sufjan Stevens,Stith delivers a dozen songs built on folkie instrumentation, but shot through with all manner of weird ideas.
My Brightest Diamond/Shara Worden →Ballade de johnny-jane here
Sufjan Stevens →Ballade de johnny-jane here

'Heavy Ghost' Release Date: March 10, 2009

Heavy Ghost is characterized by densely layered music features strings and horns on top of Stith's guitar and piano tracks. His multi-tracked voice often provides a quasi-choral backing. Released in 2009, it was very favorably reviewed by many critics, garnering a score of 84 at MetaCritic.

Pity Dance (the first single from Heavy Ghost )

Thanksgiving moon



Floria Sigismondi

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Floria Sigismondi is a Canadian-naturalized photographer and director.
Apart from her art exhibitions, she is best known for directing music videos for The Tea Party, Interpol, Incubus, Christina Aguilera, Muse, Billy Talent, The White Stripes, Sigur Rós, Sheryl Crow, The Cure, Björk, Amon Tobin, Marilyn Manson, Living Things and David Bowie and having directed some commercials for Old Navy, MAC, Adidas and Eaton's. Her trademark dilating, jittery camerawork, noticeable as early as her video for Manson's The Beautiful People, has been replicated by a great number of directors since. Wikipedia Floria Sigismondi

Music videos (selection)
2009 "Let It Rain", Living Things
2006 "Broken Boy Soldier", The Raconteurs
2006 "Hurt", Christina Aguilera
2006 "Red Flag", Billy Talent
2006 "Supermassive Black Hole", Muse
2006 "Bombs Below (version 2)", Living Things
2005 "O' Sailor", Fiona Apple
2005 "Bom Bom Bom", Living Things
2005 "Blue Orchid", The White Stripes
2004 "The End of The World", The Cure
2004 "Talk Shows on Mute", Incubus
2004 "I Owe...", Living Things
2004 "Megalomaniac", Incubus
2003 "Fighter", Christina Aguilera
2003 "Bombs Below (version 1)", Living Things
2003 "Anything", Martina Topley-Bird
2003 "Obstacle 1", Interpol
2003 "Untitled #1 (Vaka)", Sigur Rós
2002 "John, 2/14", Shivaree
2002 "She Said (version 2)", Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
2002 "Black Amour", Barry Adamson
2001 "In My Secret Life", Leonard Cohen
2000 "4 Ton Mantis", Amon Tobin
2000 "I've Seen It All" (interactive version), Björk
1999 "Get Up", Amel Larrieux
1998 "Can't Get Loose", Barry Adamson
1998 "Most High", Robert Plant & Jimmy Page
1998 "Sweet Surrender", Sarah McLachlan (uncredited)
1998 "Anything But Down", Sheryl Crow
1997 "(Can't You) Trip Like I Do", Filter & The Crystal Method
1997 "Makes Me Wanna Die", Tricky
1997 "Dead Man Walking", David Bowie
1997 "Black Eye", Fluffy
1996 "Little Wonder", David Bowie
1996 "Tourniquet", Marilyn Manson
1996 "Anna is a Speed Freak", Pure
1996 "The Beautiful People", Marilyn Manson
1996 "Four Leaf Clover", Catherine
1995 "Blue", Harem Scarem
1994 "The Birdman (version 1)", Our Lady Peace
1993 "The River", The Tea Party
1993 "Save Me", The Tea Party
1993 "A Certain Slant of Light", The Tea Party
She has directed the Making the Video of Fighter in 2003.

Christina Aguilera - Fighter
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Sigur Ros untitled #1

The White Stripes Blue Orchid